Do I need to submit a tax return?

There is no obligation on you to submit a tax return if your only source of income arises from PAYE employments unless Revenue specifically request a return.

If you are applying for education grants through SUSI you will nee to process a tax return in advance of the application.

All income outside of PAYE must be returned to Revenue. E.g. Rental Income, Dividends, Self Employed income etc.


What type of  tax return is appropriate?

A simple Form 12 can be submitted online to Revenue if your annual non PAYE income does not exceed €5,000.

You will be required to register under the self assessment system if your annual non PAYE income exceeds €5,000.

An annual Form 11 tax rreturn will need to be submitted once you are registered under the self-assessment system and you will also be subject to Preliminary Tax Payment Rules.


When do i submit and pay my taxes?

All Tax Returns need to be subitted and paid by 31st October of the following year. E.g. 2018 Form 11 needs to be submitted and paid by 31st October 2019.

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